Artist Consultations



OK artists. Whether you're a well known artist wanting to sell more or you're just starting out and looking for ways to take your art public, I'm here and I can help. To begin with, I give you a comprehensive assessment and analysis of how you currently organize, present and get your art out in front of the public. Then I make specific recommendations on how to do it all better, how to distinguish your art as an essential worth owning, and most importantly, how to keep people buying. Some of the focus points include:

  • Pricing your art, and more importantly, learning how to explain your prices to potential buyers in ways they can understand and appreciate.

  • Review and recommendations on how to improve your social media profile and how you are organizing and presenting your art.

  • Critical analysis and recommendations on how to improve your existing website or how to build a new one.

  • How to identify, approach and make contact with dealers, galleries, collectors, curators or alternative venues you think might be interested in your art.

  • A thorough and professional critique of your art 


1 hour all-purpose consult - $150:


A complete review, evaluation and analysis of how you are presenting your art to the public, the marketplace, and to the art world in general. Topics covered include how to more effectively organize and present your art both online and in real life, website evaluation and recommendations, speaking and writing about your art (for your website, statement, announcements, emails, social media, etc.), evaluation and recommendations for improving your online profile and social media pages, a review of your selling prices, pointers on how to get increased exposure for your art, ways to increase your following and broaden your audience, selling your art both online and at physical locations, tips on how to identify, approach and make contact with galleries and other venues for possible shows or representation, and more.

My consulting is 100% custom tailored to you, your art and to your future as an artist-- to how you can effectively present and promote your unique style of art. No matter where you are in your career, you continually have to get your art in front of people who count and convince them you deserve to make sales or get shows or whatever else you want. In order to do these things right, informed intelligent professional consulting and advising, specific to you and to the art you create, is imperative. Knowing how to approach the public and the marketplace and having a plan for how to do it are far better than trial and error. 


In order to advance in your art career, you need to know not only how to establish an effective online profile, but also how to maintain it. This includes having a website that's easy for people to understand and navigate, using social media to get exposure for your art, learning how to attract new visitors to your website, knowing how to get the word out about your art in ways that not only maintain your current fan base, but increase it, and most importantly-- making sales and getting shows or representation by effective use of social media.

Want to get more shows? Want to increase your online profile? Want to sell more art, better? I'm a professional art consultant with over 15 years in the business. I'll analyze, assess and advise you on your approach, your prices, your website, your online profile, how you organize and present your art, your statement, your other written materials, how you position yourself and your art both online and at physical locations, how you talk about your art, how to advance toward your goals-- whatever those goals may be-- and more. 

I have always embraced the critique and analysis of artists work, and understand how difficult it can be to get the answers from galleries, and other artists who have found their niche. If you are ready to hear a true critique, and take the steps to further your career in the art industry, then I very much look forward to being a part of that process.


Alicia Tran

Ipseity Art Design

owner + curator