Our clients voice and story matter. If the art brings you joy, you will have joy wherever you are. 

The integrity of the art matters, it's not just decoration. Art communicates and mimics life. It is deeply personal.

Knowledge and constantly learning about artists, the market, and the industry is our responsibility. We value finding the best work, from anywhere in the world, with the investment and aesthetic a high priority.


"Our clients get: a stunning curated space, professional installation, annual reports of their investment, research on art trends, a personal broker for- rotating work, adding to their collection, or simply selling, all in your budget or less than you buying on your own. How can we do this? Because of our leverage with artists and galleries across the nation."

                                                                                                                          -Alicia Tran



We take a highly collaborative approach with the artists and clients. Every project starts by listening to the client and the design team to understand the goals for the space.



We work closely with clients to develop an art budget for their projects and use our extensive resources to source art that fits within the established budget and art concept.



IPSÉITY works with the artists and client closely and collaboratively, there are no limitations to finding the right art for each project. Mindful of the design goals and budget, we present a portfolio of artists for review. Together, we refine the field of artists and help the client select the artwork appropriate to each location. Upon approval, we then contract with the selected artists on the client’s behalf and communicate a schedule for completion.



Consultants work hand-in-hand with artist and art work, galleries, shippers, framers, and installers to prepare the art for installation. We lead and oversee the installation process personally to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.



When it is time for our clients to sell their artwork, they rely on our expertise and connections in the National Art Market to confidentially and professionally broker their important works of art. With our network of specialty appraisers, galleries, and auction houses, we have successfully helped our clients sell individual works of art as well as entire collections. This service is separate from our design services, and we would love to hear your brokering requests.