Demystifying the Art World, Finally!

There were many times I've unexpectedly uncovered layers upon layers, over the course of my 15 years, in the art business. It wasn't that I wasn't asking the right questions, it was more like I didn't know how to breach the business side with the creative aspect, and what direction I should take that was relevant to me. What is an art consultant, and why do they matter? What is the difference between an art consultant, a curator, a gallerist, and an entrepreneur? How does one make it in the art world, as an artist, gallery owner, museum professional, or consultant? Who is to say what is and isn't art, and the value that lies in it? Why would one want to spend "all that money" on something that has no function? When an artist says they had to learn to "see", what does that even mean? Why should businesses care about art? How is it an investment in your future? And my personal favorite- "How is that art, my kid could do that!?".

You can look up some of these definitions, and be surprised at the variations, and never feel closer to it's meaning, and how it can relate to your situation. So, I'm here to give my personal accounts as someone who has: been an art broker, owned an art gallery, ran different genres of galleries, worked in an art museum, and current owner of the art design agency, IPSEITY. It's eye opening what wearing multiple hats has taught me over the years, and what I wish others knew.

Those who have been professionally invested in the fine art world in one capacity or another, know the confusion, and the blank stares, that come with most of these topics concerning art. There are so many misconceptions, questions, misunderstandings, and strong opinions, not just from those who don't work in the industry, but even those who do! And it's clear why. It often takes more than a definition for any one meaning to sink in, and for one to implement it into their work. But there is no manual, and often no mentor, and I had to carve this practical understanding and approach myself to find out what the answers really meant.

I've never considered myself a writer, and I'm a novice at best at communicating eloquently through words to grab the attention of a reader. But, if there's one thing I know, and am passionate about, it's the world of Fine Art. The shockingly dominate question mark that exists in relation to almost everything about the industry is what I want to base this blog about. Hopefully I can use my vast experience, wearing all these hats in the business, to bring a sense of understanding, and clarity about the world I love most.

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