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Ten questions with IPSÉITY founder, Alicia DeMers on everything we didn't know about what IPSÉITY really does, but should! From being a 5 year old aspiring artist, to owning the art design agency that is changing the way businesses, collectors, and artists look at being the FIRST art designer!

1. Q: What does IPSÉITY Art Design do?

A: That's a loaded question, so I'll answer in 2 parts:

First part- IPSÉITY curates your business or residence into a dynamic environment to reflect your personal voice using a multitude of art and medium in the most innovative ways.

Second part- What makes us unique from just changing decor to wow people is that we use fine art that becomes an investment rather than a loss. Apart from the professional installation, we also send annual reports of that investment, so you know whether you want us to broker your work for new work, or just watch your investment grow over time. Once you decide you want to rotate your work out, or just sell it, we are your personal art designers and art brokers for life. We will broker the work when you're ready to rotate, and with the profits, acquire new work to compliment your ever evolving style and preference, as well as keeping you updated on the best art investments in the future. So our clients get: a stunning curated space, professional installation, annual reports of your investment, research on art trends, a personal broker for rotating work, adding to your collection, or selling, all in your budget or less than you buying on your own. How can we do this? Because of our leverage with artists and galleries across the nation. We get you better quality work, more quantity, and all these additional perks, all for what you would spend to fill that space anyway. Who wouldn't want such a personal experience that improves your business or home and makes you money at the same time? That's really the beauty of IPSÉITY! Not to mention, it feels incredible supporting artists and galleries as well.

2. Q: What is the most enticing opportunity IPSÉITY offers, or what makes using IPSÉITY such a brilliant investment?

A: Recently I touched on this question in an article about wealth management, and the importance of art in the work place, but it's also true for your residence as well. Where you, your employees, and your clients spend time, highly influences the way you think, feel, how effecient you are, and your customers or clients interest in you. It isn't only important to be mindful about how you curate your space, but these days it's absolutely necessary. So utilizing your budget for these things in the most effective way by hiring experts like IPSÉITY to exceed your expecations, as well as creating an investment that makes you money, is absolutely brilliant. Your business will acquire more clients and customers who will invest more time and money into your establishment, and your dynamic environment will be increasing in value over time, waiting to be capitalized on when you are ready to reinvent yourself or evolve into something more relevant. It's a win-win. IPSEITY focuses on this so you can focus on being the best version of who you are for your business.

3. Q: Who should utilize IPSÉITY?

A: Everyone. Whether you're buying 1 piece that speaks to you or filling a 50,000 sq ft building for your business, art is incredibly powerful, and effects everyone. So anyone with a heart beat should be mindful of the space they're in, and should make it a point to surround themselves with a visual setting that brings out the best in how they feel and see the world everyday. We carry that with us in our thoughts and actions, and it can make us more productive, connected, creative, efficient, happy, open minded, collaborative, calm, whatever it is we seek to build or be abundant in. A residence, business, the hospitality industry, hotel and hospital developers, everyone is realizing that showing who you are and what you are all about through curated spaces is what makes the biggest difference in ones experience, and what makes the person want to live, thrive, work, or spend their money. Art also showcases your level of professionalism and creates trust and a rapport with your audience. So, anyone with a space to fill would highly benefit from IPSÉITY to create the most prolific environment for you and choose a wise investment on your behalf.

4. Q: What does ipseity mean, and how did you come to pick that name?

A: Ipseity, by definition, means: (n) Selfhood, individual identity, individuality. Latin- ipse 'self'

"Those heavenly moments...when a sense of divine ipseity invades me" -L.P. Smith

I picked the name because it literally says what we are reflecting for you or your business, using art. It was perfect.

5. Q: Where does IPSÉITY do design work?

A: IPSÉITY is a national art design agency, but we plan on branching out internationally in the future. We utilize relevant work wherever we are, and there's no boarders where art in your environment doesn't matter. Ipseity lives everywhere.

6. Q: Why did you create IPSÉITY?

A: Turns out, IPSÉITY was the nucleus to all of the art experience I've acquired over the past 15+ years. I followed my heart in the art world, consuming myself in each chapter- as a gallery owner, assistant director of visitor services in an art museum, as a gallerist and manager of different genres of galleries, as an art broker, and as an artist initially. This professional experience has given me insight, truth, relationships, and a keen understanding that are all completely essential in IPSÉITY today. All of that knowledge lead to this. Without mastering the inside facets of the professional art world, I never would have been able to see the enormous gap and potential that existed between my passion for art and connecting it to the world that needs it. So, I decided to create an industry in the art world that never existed before. I became the first Art Designer, and I'm really proud of that. I hope one day it will be a career other people pursue, and perhaps it will even be taught at professional institutions, using my life and experience as a blueprint.

7. Q: Where did your love of art start?

A: The earliest memory I have regarding art was making a cubism self portrait in Kindergarten (we had a really cool sub that day), and the blue was very befitting of Picasso's blue period, and drawing that later on a wall at home. After being reprimanded, I made sure to justify that "I'm an artist!", and I don't believe I've ever changed my mind (or attitude) since.

8. Q: You've been in the industry a long time, especially for someone your age. Does all that experience matter as an art consultant?

A: I think your level of talent, diverse knowledge in your field, and experience shows, and that matters in all things. Often you will find someone with 1 of these traits, if you're lucky 2, but it is incredibly rare to find all 3 in almost any industry. Because I was so adament about pursuing a career in art, whatever it developed into, it allowed me to have the experience and the knowledge in diverse areas. And if it weren't for a little bit of talent as an artist in the beginning, I wouldn't have been as passionate as I am about artists and their work. So, this was just a perfect situation for me at this time and place in my life. I was ready, and IPSEITY is my life's work rolled into one.

9. Q: What is your goal, and where is the future of IPSÉITY?

A: My goal is to curate spaces that astound my clients, and their clients, with incredible art that says visually everything they think, feel, and want to say as a company. And as the art adds essential wow factor to their business, it is also creating capital as a dual investment. Meanwhile, we're supporting our beloved artists and galleries! This is my goal for IPSEITY, and how I define success for this agency. Our future is shaping the way businesses, collectors, and investors utilize art designers to create ipseity in every space all over the world. We see no glass ceiling.

10. Q: How much collaboration is involved?

A: Uhm... there's a lot. Between clients, design teams, developers, artists, galleries, everyone has feedback and a vision for what they want, or a specific way of doing things. That's why wearing many hats has been instrumental in working with all kinds of clients, and making sure there is clear communication, so as to exceed expectation. I truly love every aspect of it.

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