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February 13, 2019

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Fine Art Investing- a New Asset Class

December 7, 2017

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Art Designer & Interior Designer. Perfect Balance.


I had a conversation with a friend recently about working with designers in the corporate art business. She seemed more and more bewildered by my response to her questions about many architect firms having in house Interior Designers, and the importance of collaborating with them on projects. She argued how that seems to make no sense, why would Architects have Interior Designers in house? What would be the point in supplying their clients with people who could assist them in buying the right couch pillows or curtains!? Then it dawned on me. For an hour I was trying to explain the relationship and the connection between Architects, Interior Designers, and Art Designers, and she had no idea what an Interior Designer was. She thought Interior Designers were Interior Decorators. 


The reality is, so many people don't know the difference. And seeing as I am an Art Designer, with an even more seemingly ambiguous title, I know my path of educating my prospective clients the distinguishing difference between Interior Designers and Art Designers will be even more challenging.  As different an Interior Decorator is to an Interior Designer, the same difference of expertise applies with Interior Designers and Art Designers. The value of both professions is incredibly important, but their knowledge base is very specific and independent.